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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  January 11, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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>> how her strong grip ends up saving his life. the story behind one sweet wedding dance and a guy finds his girlfriend on the kitchen counter. >> she is terrified. >> see what's behind his fun and her greatest fear. >> oh, no. no. rescuers in algeria are going to great lengths to save this animal. this pit is pretty deep. >> how deep is it? >> i know how deep that hole is. deeper than that ladder is long. >> right. >> because otherwise they would have stuck the ladder in there and climbed down. >> all right. this guy is all roped up and he's about to head down. >> wow. this is no joke. >> don't let him go. >> need gloves. >> they're doing it over the ladder as well. good thinking.
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>> freak out. >> see what this animal is. >> when you see what the animal is, it's going to warm your heart. >> it's a dragon. >> no. because that would warm you all over. that's a goat. >> i knew it. a baby dragon. >> it is the cutest little goat that i've ever seen and it gets cuter because it belongs to this little fella. >> oh. and so, you know, we watched the video, we're like wow, a lot went into this for this little tiny goat. when you see it's this little boy and his goat ran off and fell down into the pit you have to go to great lengths for it.
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scenes like this just make my blood run cold. you see this guy on his bike obeying all the rules and he's not speeding, he's being quite patient. he now merges. he gets up to speed quickly and he gets on to this wider street. you can see his eyes darting around. you never see this coming. >> oh! >> it's so unfortunate. you don't see it coming. it's one of those k rails, the barriers, the plastic mold that you pour water in to it turn night a into a barrier. bang, he goes down and slidede across the pavement. he hops up to his feet an runs down the street to catch up to his bike. it went sliding that far. >> he had his head on a swivel doing what you're supposed to do but would never see this coming. >he good news here, it looks like very minimal damage to the bike. this guy in the white car gets out and helps him dislodge the bike. >> looks like the barrier took
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almost nothing on that bike. this other device here, a blockade, meant to stop people from proceeding. however, genius here got the brilliant idea to go over and step on it so it goes down. now he's going to wave his buddy through. he get off the thing just enough for it to rise back up. the car crashes into it. backs up. look. there's even an ait ten dant here at that gate house. >> really? are you trying this? >> how stupid can you be? red lights, tes, barricades in the street. >> this is ridiculous. three things saying warning, warning, no no. >> we forget to count the guard, the human being. >> four. >> thankfully they weren't hurt and neither was anybody else. two things that do not belong alone together. an escalator and a child. they had a dangerous collision in china as you can see here, this little boy, strays away
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he is standing next to the escalator and this is when things take a terrible it turn. you see that little boy roll down with the conveyor. his hand doesn't get caught, but his head does. as he's caught, his mom runs up. he's upside down. his foot sticking up right there. you see that. that's when she starts yelling for help. a bystander comes by,, she stops the escalator. that you guys, makes a difference between life and death for this little boy. >> it's the hand rails and escalators because they're shiny and black. kids don't realize they're moving. they need to start putting lines on them and they will stop going up to hold on to them. >> i'm glad the woman in the yellow jacket was aware of what was going on and stopped quickly enough to stop it. his mom and other bystanders were able it to free this little boy and according to witness reports, he was uninjured once they freed him. even though you think, my kid is comfortable on an escalator,
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kids still can manage to get into an issue. this kid wasn't even on the escalator. he was standing next to it when that happened. it's not often that a road rage incident gets into the press, but this one from bangkok has a lot of people talking. now, the first video that i'm going to show you of three that were all posted to facebook, starts after the disagreement has happened and maybe there's been some communication with a certain finger from each of them. [ speaking foreign language ] >> see the pick-up truck ram into the truck behind it and then drive forward again. stick it in reverse. >> the truck ends up on the front of this red car. in the second video. the guy that drove the pick-up is on the phone asking for the police to come down and to hurry.
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as though he's the victim when he backs the truck up. >> oh, no. in this third video he's now talking to the camera. it was terrible. didn't you see it. this red career ended. like i said, hit the press, because this guy, a local radio d jshg, soap actor and emcee and the people that shot this video recognize it. it was them. upload it. people came down like a ton of brick on the radio station facebook page saying, this is messed up. >> is he fired? because if you're in the media like that and you do something like that, you're probably going to lose your job or at least get arrested. >> the radio station's facebook page actually posted a picture with a statement which basically said this guy is now banned. he's paying the price for his behavior. we have another accident. this one from the philippines and you can see here that the
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the right are kind of colliding. a disagreement. this isn't the disagreement. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. please forgive us. >> the guy who drove the car, he seems almost thrilled. he's smiling, getting out his camera. in fact, there was talk about him trying to get pictures with them. she's famous too. . her name is maria. a famous -- adult video actress. >> right. hello. hello. >> so once the action happens the guys are like, look, can you come outside and just smooth this over. so she does. and there you go. turns out it all depends on which kind of celebrity crashes into you. when it comes to mother/son dances. >> this one takes the cake. >> find out why their smooth moves have a sentimental twist. >> the love for his mother is
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sp s closed captioning provided by -- i got the discounts that you need safe driver closed captioning provided by --ccident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me mother/son dance at a wedding reception is pretty cool, right? this one takes the cake. from a distance the world looks blue >> oh. >> look at your face. >> this is kirsten and her little guy tyler and it's really sweet. the dance is about to get
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turn down for what t tn down for what >> yeah. they're about to turn up to "turn down for what" by dj snake featuring little jon. >> what. >> okay! >> the mother/son duo surprised their guests with this dance. the mashup includes songs from soldier boy, salt and pepper and one of my favorites walk the moon. it's if fun but also really sentimental. you see kirsten's dad passed suddenly a few years ago and her son wanted to do her the honor of dancing with her at the wedding reception to not only honor his grandfather but also to help mom. >> he practiced clearly he tried very hard, he put in the time and effort to learn all the moves for mom. >> the love for his mother is all over his face. it tickles your heart. >> they end the dance with a family two step. the little one included and dad.
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again, a very heartfelt moment for this family. skating around the urban streets of houston or any american city for that matter can often get you in trouble. but not this past weekenen this video is from last year's "no bull by youou battle." this past weekend they had the same exact race. nine stories of parking garage gravity here. this is the final six-man race. lots of opportunities to pass, to get faster, to be the winner of this race. this garage here, the hobby center garage in houston, is basicallyy hot spot to get busted. lots of skaters go there because they want to ride it but you're not allowed to. one weekend a year, this is a legal race. the car skate shop sets the
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get out there and run your board. >> hit these turns is real cool. a lot of times the car can't kit the curves like that. >> you're in a vehicle and they just have themselves in a skateboard. >> it's brilliant. it's a racetrack for these guys. >> night race shows off the finale. >> lots of guys enjoying the opportunity to just get there and go fast. >> quick question, does the winner get free parking? >> last year's event had $4,000 up for grabs. this year, $7,000 up for grabs. >> so, you tell your parents, there's money to be made doing all this skateboarding. >> it's a good thing that christian isn't here right now because -- >> oh, man. >> our boy chris is back with another one of his inventions if
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as always chris is attacking it with his hands. starts drawing the outline of something, i think pretty quickly you guys will start figuring out. what is it starting to look like to you. >> a bow and arrow. >> that's a bow and arrow. >> like a real bow. >> looks pretty good but he's not done yet. he needs glue. climbs a tree. >> i'm about 20 feet up in a tree and look what i found. >> gets some pine. >> jackpot. >> uses that glue to wrap around the string. >> the cool thing about chris's hobby he can still do it if the power goes out. >> exactly. >> great. all i need is an arrow. >> he uses ash to cut down and whittle away to create the arrow. uses the same glue to attach really cool old-school arrow heads and deer ligament, the string he was using as well to attach that arrowhead. >> as it drys it adheres to itself and mixes with the pine. this isn't going anywhere.
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needs flight, goose feathers. doesn't start off too well. he does manage to get himself feathers. got all that trimmed down. time to give it a test shot. perfect. bow and arrow. >> that flies pretty good. a hitchhiking social experiment. >> see if anyone would take him along. >> see if he scores any rides or gets strappeded. >> come on bro. >> on the next "right this minute." >> still to come -- a couple catches a magic show in times square. >> take a look at your card. >> but see why the magician isn't the only one with a trick up his sleeve. >> oh. what happens when the slopes get the best of this sledder. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh. fortifying the gravity-defying... adventure-collecting... friend-connector... fortifying the going-places... off-to-the-races... day-seizing... you.
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provided by -- new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at you guys know i love magic. the next video we're going to head t t one of the most magical places in all of new york. times square. >> otto, we're going to do a card trick here. >> this is gary, a magician, about to pull a pretty cool trick. >> otto the card you took. >> looks at it himself because he's going to get his assignment. he needs help. are you with anybody? >> who are you here with? >> with her and them. what's your name? >> anna. >> anna. >> brings up anna. otto and anna are on holiday from guatemala. kind of involved in this whole thing. special, magic trick in the middle of new york. he asked her to do the same thing.
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everybody take a look. we have the 8 of diamonds. >> she writes her name and what they do is they get both of the cards. they put them next to each other inside the deck back to back. >> otto, have you known anna for a long time. >> are you guys like together? you're together. good. anna, squeeze both the cards right there with your finger. >> otto, come over here, squeeze both the cards right there. >> and then like magic. >> squeeze both of your cards because if you squeeze tight, just like that, take a look. turn it over. both cards have fused together into one card. give them a round of applause. >> he's not done with the trick. there's some more op. >> oh,. >> take the three of hearts and put night your hand. otto, i want you to wave your hand over the card. anna, think about the angel on the back of that card
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otto when you're ready, you can turn over the card. >> yes. >> man, otto. i like that. >> she says yes. in fact, there's all sorts of pictures towards the end showing them on their trip around new york. i just thought pretty magical proposal. >> playing in the snow, hitting the slopes, it can just be so much fun. or it can be absolutely hilarious. >> oh, no. >> this man looks to be coaching be somebody. >> oh! >> he was so busy directing the other person that he completely missed the other person behind him. >> they say the black diamonds are supposed to be the dangerous trails. these bunny slopes, way too many people out of control. they are more dangerous. >> oh, man. just legs go flying everywhere. >> a ski yard fail. >> i feel like somebody is going to at least -- >> that guy needs to learn pizza. he was all french fries.
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this winner. >> oh! >> yeah. himself. wow. come straight down the slope and >> yeah. >> yeah. >> kneed himself in the face. let's face it. >> oh, no. >> back in front of the artificial snow machine. >> they are getting blasted by this snow. >> the great part is, everyone is just watching and videoing and no one is going to turn the engine off. it's right there. >> how cold and miserable are you now. >> wrap it up, get in the car, i'm out. >> a guy finds his girlfriend freaking out in the kitchen. >> she is terrified. >> the eight-legged critter
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>> even watching thicarolina sunshine and a bit breezy this morning, few high clouds by afternoon, highs near or slightly above 50 tonight, clear, lows upper 20s. turning windy tuesday ahead of a cold front moving through, for the most part my thinking is it will be in the middle 50s but will fall behind the front. mostly sunny wednesday and cold. highs middle 40s, overnight lows in the lower to middle 20s. keeping an eye on our next storm system that could develop in the gulf by the weekend giving us a chance of precipitation. again, several days out but watching.
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>> it's mind blowing. there's horrifying screams coming in the kitchen. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, no! >> oh, please. that spider is nothing. >> this is in australia. >> oh, burn the house down, run, just move, you're done. >> waiting for this moment all week. i knew he was in the house somewhere. >> [ bleep ]. >> what am i to do? i'm not going near him because he'll run. >> you're the one in the kitchen with all the tools and utensils. this one is on you, girl. >> no. it's going to take more than tools and utensils to kill that bad boy. >> i don't think they want to kill it. spiders are good for the environment. >> i can see a simple solution. there's the pot on the cooker. turn it around, put it over the spider and leave it there for ever and ever.
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>> [ bleep ]. >> it's moving. >> i don't understand how you can be that scared of a spider. a dog is bigger than that and you will see a stray dog and like, oh, that poor little thing. see a stray spider, it's going to get me. >> give me a poisonous dog with eight legs, that's going to freak me out. >> [ bleep ]. >> you don't see how they dispose of or dispatch the spider. but if you don't get rid of it, how do you sleep in that house? >> with a huge freakin' basement basement.
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"right this minute."i'm charles molineaux. this is your first look at what's happening right now in the midlands. we are now just a few hours away for kickoff of the college football national title. the undefeated number one clemson tigers will face off against number two alabama in the valley of the sun. our michal higdon is in glendale arizona hey michal. we have made it inside the university of phoenix stadium and in several hours from now the stadium will be packed with over 63-thousand people attending tonight's national championship
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